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31 Марта 2011 | Eugene Kovalevsky | Прочтений: 34054

Atlantic 2011: Arrival to Fortaleza - for english-speaking friends

We got to the beach at Fortaleza yacht club at 11.30 local time. There was orchestra which played Russian music the evenings under Moscow. We found rather not simple to land for waves about 1 meters which started to bit trimaran also 31 days of sailing we could not stand at our legs. We manage tj rope boat. Roman Koresh who arranged all the process hurried as up for journalists waited since 10.30 

Also rain started. Wet and in strange mood we sat at the table and realized that 4 movie cameras and many photo looked at us.

Kulik drank a bit and took a word Russian council Oleg Senchenko interpreted to Portuguese.

AFTER SPEECH Vice-president of project organizer and team partner Roman Tovstik gave to all 4 sailors golden medals for will and bravery and golden cup. Alexey Svistunov gave to all 4 sailors marks of 3 records of Russia:

  1. First going around cape of Good Hope by inflatable boat.
  2. First crossing of Atlantic from Africa to America by inflatable trimaran
  3. Most long (6500 km) sail from Africa to America by inflatable boat

Later Roman told us that this 4 video operators represented 8 Brazilian channels.

After report there was alive music of well known Brazilian singer lady.

There were officials from local Federal police and customs to confirm arrival for Guinness record also there was Chief in editor of Russian Book of records  Alexey Svistunov Who also represent WGR

We were tired but it was table with drinks and food. After some time I went to immigration and custom to make formalities. In the evening in hotel Diego some bier with Russian friends Kostia Zherebtsov video-operator Sasha Malgazhdarov A fotographer Roman Koresh-coordinator of the project Oleg Senchenko Russian Council.

Next days we dismount trimaran to send it to Russia make formalities and try to solve the problem to send cargo. No points in Brazil low to sail to the country by boat after that to send this boat by air plane.



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